Business Coaching Specialities & Focus:

·   Behavioural change ·   Business organisation
·   Business planning ·   Communicating the vision
·   Conflict resolution ·   Creative co-operation
·   Developing effective teams ·   Effective communication
·   Effective delegation/supervision ·   Emotional intelligence
·   Empowerment ·   Interpersonal awareness
·   Leadership attributes ·   Management skills
·   Managing challenge/stress ·   Motivating/inspiring others
·   Negotiating expertise ·   Productivity/goal setting
·   Self inquiry/discovery/acceptance ·   Staying ‘in the moment’
·   Style flexing ·   Work/Life balance


As a leader, your performance is only as good as that of your team.

If you really want to build teams that work, you need more than the appropriate resources and the right people … you need insight and experience to be a great leader … and that is precisely what you will get through time spent with Mike from Strategically Yours.

“Control is not leadership; management is not leadership; leadership is leadership. If you seek to lead, invest at least 50% of your time in leading yourself ~ your own purpose, ethics, principles, motivation, conduct ~ at least 20% leading those with authority over you and 15% leading your peers.”

Dee Hock, Founder and CEO Emeritus, Visa


One hour face-to-face session in any location within the greater Melbourne region:

  • Initial free introductory session
  • Fee Upon request
  • Packages for multiple sessions

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Mike is passionate about coaching and the development of people. That passion translates directly to results; and Mike has helped me grow my personal leadership skills over the last 12 months beyond my expectations. He has ignited further passion within me for personal development. Mike is generous with his time; and has gone over and above his responsibilities to support me during my growth.
David Twaits
Member Communications Operations Lead at Medibank