“What great leadership and music have in common” ~ Ideas.Ted.Com ~ Jim Crupi is president and founder of Strategic Leadership Solutions.

The seven key points from the article are:

  • A leader is both a singer and a songwriter.
  • Make sure everyone is on the same sheet of music.
  • Develop a simple theme – then repeat it.
  • Get the right players around you.
  • Let others shine.
  • Cultivate commitment and enthusiasm; they’re contagious.
  • Commit yourself to a bigger cause than yourself.


Leadership Coaching Specialities & Focus:

· Behavioural change · Business planning · Clear/positive communication
· Communicating the vision · Conflict resolution · Creative co-operation
· Developing effective teams · Discovering your passion · Emotional intelligence
· Empowerment of others · Inspiring others · Interpersonal awareness
· Leadership attributes · Managing challenges · Monitoring actions/outcomes
· Self inquiry/discovery/acceptance · Setting goals · Staying ‘in the moment’
· Style flexing · Time management · Work/Life balance


Eric Sheninger, in his article ‘The essence of Leadership’ used an acronym to identify and expand upon his belief that the best leaders do the following on a consistent basis:   Learn   Empower   Adapt   Delegate   Engage   Reflect

Learn – Learning is the work. Great leaders take professional growth seriously as they know there is no perfection in any position, just daily improvement. Leaders make the time to learn and get better on a daily basis. They also make their learning visible to inspire others to follow suit. Leaders who lover their work are always learning.

Empower – A key element of effective leadership is to empower others to take risks, remove the fear of failure, and grant autonomy to innovate. People that are empowered find greater value in the work they are engaged in. Empowerment leads to respect and trust, which builds powerful relationships where everyone is focused on attaining specified goals.

Adapt – Everything can change in a heartbeat. As such, leaders must embrace a sense of flexibility and openness to change accordingly in certain cases. The ability to adapt to an array of situations, challenges, and pressures are pivotal to accomplish goals. Success in life is intimately intertwined into an organism’s ability to adapt in order to survive. As leaders adapt they evolve into better leaders.

Delegate – No leader can do everything by him or herself. The decisiveness to delegate certain tasks and responsibilities is not a weakness. On the contrary, it allows leaders to apply more focus to areas of greater importance. It also builds confidence in others in their ability as co-leaders of an organization even if they don’t have a fancy title.

Engage – In the sharing economy there might not be anything more important than information. Leaders understand this fact and develop strategies to authentically engage their stakeholders through multi-dimensional communications, by taking control of public relations, and developing a positive brand presence. Increased engagement results by meeting stakeholders where they are at, encouraging two-way communications, and becoming the storyteller-in-chief.

Reflect – It is quite difficult to find a great leader who does not reflect daily on his or her work. Reflection in a digital world can take many forms and results in greater transparency. It is not how one chooses to reflect, but an emphasis to integrate this process consistently that defines a great leader.

Eric Sheninger,

Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on Digital Leadership with the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE).


“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

Ronald Reagan


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