Mike Cameron, Melbourne Executive Coach.

My Coaching Practice

I am a professional certified coach, an executive, business and leadership coach/mentor whose style is based on many years and corporate experience, in creating highly motivated, empowered and committed teams with purpose; the premise that Leadership is the ‘art of having someone do what you want them to do for themselves, as well as for you’; and the continuing success achieved by the many individuals and groups that I have coached and/or mentored over the years.

I appreciate the value of coaching for key leadership behavioural change.

With a wealth of experience and understanding of corporate governance, business principles and organisational dynamics, I have developed a clearly defined, yet flexible, coaching approach that achieves results through empathetic listening and asking probing questions that help identify underlying, attitudinal/behavioural patterns.

My professional focus is on effective relationship building, emotional intelligence, establishing trust and setting expectations by defining the scope of the coaching engagement model.   I enjoy a collaborative style of coaching where I work closely with my clients and their HR staff, as well as line management, if applicable.

I utilise a number of coaching techniques and accredited instruments.   For example: the practical application of mBIT coaching for transformational change; applying style flexing techniques when coaching for mastery in communication, effective negotiation and conflict resolution; guiding and mentoring the client through a process of self inquiry or a change leadership challenge.

My preference is face to face coaching – usually in a one or two hour session – in a quiet location away from normal business activities; however, I also have clients who, due to their location, I coach remotely using the phone, Skype and/or Facetime.  These sessions normally run for an hour – with follow-up email communication.


1988 – March 1998

ICI Australia Operations Pty Ltd (now Orica Limited).

Business Manager: To lead the profitable growth and strategic direction of the company’s Australian Quarry & Construction Business Unit whilst ensuring the safe and environmentally effective production of bulk explosives and provision of blast management services.

2006 to May 2017

Leadership Management Australia & Australian Training Alliance

Formal facilitation of a range of Diploma and Cert IV courses strongly underpinned by one-on-one course coaching using practical experience to guide and support behavioural change.

1998 to Present

Strategically Yours

The coaching focus is on executive and business coaching; conflict resolution; masterly negotiation; effective communication; style flexing; transformational thinking; emotional intelligence and learning how to lead one’s self.

2007 to May 2014

The Next Step Business Roundtable Program
(Director and program facilitator)

Specialist training and business coaching for small business owners underpinned by goal setting, time management, effective communication (crucial conversations), conflict resolution, the ‘art’ of delegationand empowering others.


I have had a rewarding professional career through technical, operational, sales, marketing, senior, divisional and executive management roles within three blue chip corporations in Australia and overseas (civil construction, extractive and explosives industries).

Early in my business life, and with the guidance of a mentor, I learnt the value of team building and collaborative learning as I developed my personal, management and leadership style.

During the past twenty years I have been privileged to have had many opportunities to apply these inherent attributes when coaching across a very wide and diverse client base.

Please feel free to review my profile on LinkedIn at Mike Cameron or request a more detailed, one page Biog through my email mike@strategically.com.au


I was once asked to define my ‘ideal client’.

Easy, I thought as I asked myself the following three questions:

Why do I do what I do?

Why do my ‘ideal clients’ work with me?

What do those clients, my friends and family say makes me special?

So I sought answers … and quickly gained clarity:

I’m passionate about what I do; I enjoy supporting and inspiring others through coaching and mentoring to define and then achieve the outcomes that they truly desire in either their business or personal lives.

With this in mind, my daily affirmations have become:

I do the work I really love …

I work with and for people I really like …


I deliver cost effective, timely and well-considered coaching support.

If the above affirmations resonate with you then I would enjoy having a follow up conversation with the belief that I’d be working with a potential ‘ideal client’.